a●dopt : to take up and make one’s own

Adoption is synonymous with God’s love; it is the term by which Jesus Christ has reconciled mankind to God. It is through adoption that God becomes our Father, our Daddy. God loved us enough to bring us into His Forever Family and make us His heirs, His legacy. Adoption gives us an earthly picture of that heavenly kind of love. Adoption gives us an opportunity to be God’s hands (reaching out to hold ) and feet (carrying the child home.)

“And hoozever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” -Jesus (Matthew 18:5)

(adoption print by Tinyarrow on Etsy)

The decision to adopt came naturally to Jamie and I. When a purpose grabs you in the gut, you can’t ignore it. You must act on it, and cannot stop thinking about it until you do. We were always united on this front. It’s hoo we are. It’s “us.”


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