October 23rd, 2013 § 4 comments

“The state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight.”


Coffee and Jesus. Our two lifelines right now.

Coffee to cure the zombie-like state that occurs from staying up through most of the night to catch communications with contacts in Congo. (They are 7 hours ahead).

And Jesus—-well, He is the man, and a must.

We are in between day and night right now; The sun is yet to rise, and the night bird sings her song.

There is no confirmation yet of whether we will receive an exit permit (issued by DRC authorities for adoptees to leave the country) for Hoo-Z, but there is hope for those who have had their child’s visa & Bordereau Letter (very important paper issued by the DRC Ministry of Gender & Families and stamped by various officials) issued prior to the September 25, 2013 cut off date. Us!


The circumstances are still obscure, so a tinge of twilight is what we will go on.

We applied for our travel visas and are starting to pack…it is enthralling to think that this time next week we could be waking up in a hotel (coincidently called “Sunny Days”) in the capital of Congo with OUR daughter!

Until dawn,


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