It’s A Girl!

August 28th, 2012 § 9 comments

referral |riˈfərəl|

An act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.

In adoption speak, “referral” means pure merriment. The referral is the moment that your life has been hinging on for the last several months or years. It is the moment where the waiting is over, and with that one picture, with the first glimpse of  your child…you finally arrive. 

Although it is not certain yet in terms of legalities, the longing and love we have developed for the little one in the photo is absolutely certain. We can’t share details or photos with you yet, but we can tell you…she is darn tootin’ cute!

At a year and a half she is a stunner. With large round eyes, a button nose and dainty but generously full lips she is just totally adorable *sigh*.

Add a light pink ruffly dress, little earrings and micro-braids all tied up in a top knot with blue ribbons, and you have a description of our first “ultra-sound” per se.

So until we can have her in our arms, she is in our hearts and in our daily prayers. (Plus we printed off a life size picture of her photo and hung it on our fridge so we can plaster her photo with kissed several times a day!)

They say it will take 4-6 more months before we can go fetch her for good. God help us!

"Love is patient..."



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