Breaking the News

February 9th, 2011 § 2 comments

“You’re going to fall in love again with someone’s tender charms. You’re going to be demolished by a pair of little arms. Yes, you’re going to fall in love again, the signs are very clear. Get ready for a brand new crush as soon as baby’s here.” (inscription on the cards given to the grandparents-to-be)

How to break the news?

We decided to have fun with it–as we had been married for seven years at that point–with no news. Our moms had been so politely patient with only the occasional dropping of subtle hints in the form of gender-neutral baby onesies as a Christmas gift or the asking of gentle but prodding questions.

Needless to say there were tears when the card was opened. Before it was even read. Then more tears, jumping, kicking and laughing all at once. It was quite the site.

We made up “granny kits” to give to our moms that included granny essentials such as depends, wrinkle cream, (granny)panties, etc.

My mom got hers in the mail so we couldn’t revel in her reaction quite like we could for Jamie’s mom.

The news was well received by all our family. I feel like we’re all in this together; expecting and eager for every little update.

Now, breaking the news to people outside the family circle was interesting and sometimes awkward. We found that most people responded with sincere and baffled congratulations. I could tell that some people simply didn’t understand and didn’t know what to say. These situations are a learning curve for us as well; learning how to explain ourselves and how much to explain ourselves.

Some of the things people said when we told them:

  • “How Madonna of you!”
  • “So, you’re not going to have any of your own children?”
  • “……..and……..” (comment too racist and to transcribe)
  • “I always wanted a black baby!”
  • “We’ve talked about adopting too”
  • “I would have chose to adopt from Haiti myself”
  • “How much is it costing you?”

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